Donate to WTDHPL by Cryptocurrency – Litecoin, Monero, Peercoin, or Zcash


Support freedom in computing and in the arts and sciences. Donate Litecoin, Monero, Peercoin, or Zcash to help keep us going. You may transfer your donation to one of the addresses below. (Note: We changed wallet providers in December 2018 -- please do not use "old" donation addresses, as they are no longer valid.)
Litecoin payment address yeslitecoin      Litecoin

Monero addressMonero accepted here      Monero

Peercoin payment address yespeercoin      Peercoin

Zcash address yeszcash      Zcash

When donating, it helps our record-keeping if you also send us an e-mail to donate at wtdhpl info with any details you're willing to share (such as your name, location, and transaction details such as amount, date, and time). If we have permission to thank you publicly by name, please let us know in the e-mail.

We greatly appreciate everything you do that helps us out:
  • Spreading the word about free software, free licensing, free culture, and free creative works
  • Using the WTDHPL in your creative works
  • Mentioning the WTDHPL when writing or talking about freedom
  • Donating to help us cover the costs of things like server space and bandwidth

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